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Since 1962, Pension Solutions has provided consulting, actuarial, and administrative services for retirement plans to businesses large and small.

As a firm, our continuing success is sustained by our staff of educated and skilled professionals. Pension Solutions is able to utilize a base of technical and business expertise to further all our clients’ interests and provide superior results in plan design and the operation of various retirement programs. Our mission is to provide services that offer creative solutions to complex issues in a timely and accurate manner. Our commitment is to provide personalized service and independent, objective guidance. Bottom line, our goal is to offer exceptional value for the services we perform.

We partner with various custodians to achieve our clients’ retirement plan objectives and goals. A strong partnership is required to create and administer retirement programs that are innovative, pragmatic, and cost effective. Pension Solutions is more than a knowledgeable company with a proven track record - we are a partner. As with our other clients, we will work closely with you to administer your retirement program.

Pension Solutions offers a full range of administration, consulting and actuarial services, which are performed by a team of professionals that have earned the following designations:

  • QPA - Qualified Plan Administrator
  • QKA - Qualified 401(k) Administrator
  • APA – Accredited Pension Administrator
  • APR – Accredited Pension Representative
  • ERPA – Enrolled Retirement Plan Agent
  • JD – Juris Doctor

Continuing Education is imperative. Pension Solutions is actively engaged with the American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries (ASPPA) to remain current on issues affecting retirement plans and provide meaningful educational opportunities. The educational programs consist of monitored examinations, webcasts, and educational conferences.

Pension Solutions has been certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) 10 continuous years of excellence. This accomplishment has been achieved by the continual implementation of our industry’s best practices. CEFEX certification means that Pension Solutions undergoes an annual assessment to verify its continued adherence to the ASPPA[1] Standard of Practice for Retirement Plan Service Providers.

The certification of excellence is more than an SSAE 16 or financial audit. It is an independent audit to ensure the best standards of practice are implemented and followed by its certified administration firms in multiple disciplines such as operations, human resources, and workflow management. Excellence is part of our culture and we strive for it by continuously improving every aspect of our business. CEFEX certification demands this culture.

Why should you care?

Because Pension Solutions can provide you the administrative support and experience necessary to confidently operate your retirement plan. When a TPA performs diligently and with full awareness of fiduciary matters, it serves as an ideal partner to a client seeking to deliver excellence. Pension Solutions pursues the operation of our clients’ plans with the thoughtfulness and best practices that have allowed us to achieve a decade of certified excellence.

Pension Solutions will deliver industry-leading care to your retirement plan. Our continuing CEFEX certification is a testimony of our commitment to ensure increased efficiency, operational consistency, improved decision making and accountability for our processes.

[1] The American Society for Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) is the co-author of the Standard used by CEFEX in assessments.